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Looking to build a robust sports solution?


Get the most out of sports data with STATS Perform API. Whether you're into football, basketball, or any other sport, our API gives you all the stats and insights you need to make smart decisions for your apps or projects.

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Major Customers:STATS Perform serves a wide range of customers including sports leagues, teams, broadcasters, media companies, sportsbooks, fantasy sports platforms, and technology providers.

Fees:The pricing structure for STATS Perform's API services varies based on factors such as the specific data feeds required, the volume of data, and the level of customization. Fees are typically negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Features & Integrations:

  • Comprehensive Data Coverage: STATS Perform offers a vast array of sports data covering numerous leagues and competitions worldwide, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, cricket, and more.

  • Real-Time Data Feeds: STATS Perform provides real-time data feeds delivering up-to-the-minute information on live events and matches.

  • Historical Data Access: Access to extensive historical sports data enables in-depth analysis, trend identification, and predictive modeling.

  • Customizable Solutions: STATS Perform's API solutions are highly customizable, allowing clients to tailor data feeds and integration methods to suit their specific needs.

  • Advanced Analytics: STATS Perform offers advanced analytics and insights derived from their data, including player performance metrics, team statistics, and predictive analytics.

  • Integration Support: STATS Perform APIs can be seamlessly integrated into various platforms and systems, including websites, mobile apps, broadcast graphics systems, and sports analytics tools.

Advantages of using:

  • Accuracy and Reliability: STATS Perform is renowned for its high-quality sports data, trusted by leading sports organizations, media outlets, and betting companies worldwide.

  • Real-Time Updates: Access to real-time data feeds ensures that users have timely and accurate information for live events, enhancing the fan experience and enabling timely decision-making.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: STATS Perform's extensive coverage includes data from major sports leagues and competitions globally, providing a comprehensive source of information for sports enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Customization Options: The flexibility and customization options offered by STATS Perform's APIs enable clients to tailor data solutions to their specific requirements, ensuring maximum value and utility.

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