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SportsFirst - Year in Review 2023

Updated: Feb 5

SportsFirst year review-2023
SportsFirst year review-2023

Year in review 2023 for SportsFirst
  • Sports Technology Trends in 2024

  • Clients - Hits and Misses

  • First Exhibition at Sports Startup Conclave

  • Athlete KYC and Compliance Software

  • NFL Team and American Youth & High School Rugby

Here are some great updates from our end.

Sports Technology Trends: In December 2023, we compiled a report on Technology Trends in 2024. Our team is publishing Mergers, Acquisitions, and Funding Reports every month in our newsletter called ScoreCard. We got a contribution from some of the industry veterans in this report. A major highlight is comments from Grant Thornton, Partner and Director.

sports technology trends
sports technology trends

  • Our Clients: We are proud to work with a diverse group of startups, teams, and sports organizations. Some of the major hits.

  • Marketplace for Sports Venue and Technology owners and consultants

  • Sports Prediction App with Blockchain + NFT Rewards

  • Athlete Data Management System for Youth Sports

  • Sports Video Annotation, Clipping and Highlights Product

  • Sports Training and Coaching Product for Youth Sports

  • A few misses include - an opportunity to work with Table Tennis England and a web + mobile portal for the Olympic Team

Sports Startup Conclave: We participated in more than 7 Sports startup events. Starting from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. Some of the most memorable ones were hosted by TechStars Sports, Advanced AI in Sports, and Athelte-led Startups.

sports startup conclave
sports startup conclave

Athlete KYC, Compliance, and APIs: Our approach to Generative AI (GenAI) stands out as it doesn't require extensive training datasets. Our team worked with USA Rugby to improve their compliance by integrating KYC APIs.

For more insights, please review our informative deck.


Working with Big Leagues: We finally got our first breakthrough working with an NFL team. We are still finalizing a product roadmap with them. Additionally, our engagement with USA Youth and High School Rugby gave us tremendous experience working with a large organization. Our solution will save approx. 40 hours per month of team management time and help them stay compliant with Age Verification.

I always look forward to your suggestions, questions & feedback. You can schedule a chat with me here:

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