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Which Sports App Launchpad is the Best in 2024? A Look at NBA Launchpad

Updated: Apr 4

NBA Launchpad
NBA Launchpad

Best Sports App LaunchPads and Sports Accelerators?

Sports app launchpads:

Sports App LaunchPads are platforms or services that specialize in assisting developers with launching sports-related mobile applications successfully. These LaunchPads typically provide a range of resources, support, and guidance tailored specifically for sports app development.

Here's a list of some popular Sports App LaunchPads:

  • SportTechie: SportTechie offers a comprehensive platform for sports technology enthusiasts, including developers looking to launch sports apps. They provide resources, industry insights, and networking opportunities to help developers navigate the sports tech landscape.

  • Startupbootcamp SportsTech: Startupbootcamp SportsTech is a global accelerator program focused on supporting startups in the sports technology sector. They provide mentorship, funding, and access to a network of sports industry experts to help startups develop and launch innovative sports apps.

  • Sports Innovation Lab: The Sports Innovation Lab is a research and advisory firm that specializes in sports technology and innovation. They offer insights, market intelligence, and strategic guidance to help sports app developers understand market trends and opportunities.

  • ESPN Sports Technology Accelerator: The ESPN Sports Technology Accelerator is a program designed to support startups developing innovative sports technology solutions, including mobile apps. Selected startups receive mentorship, funding, and access to ESPN's resources and network.

  • SportsTech Ireland: SportsTech Ireland is an initiative aimed at fostering innovation in the sports technology sector. They provide support to sports tech startups and entrepreneurs, including access to mentorship, funding, and collaboration opportunities.

  • SportVEST: SportVEST is a platform that connects sports tech startups with investors interested in the sports industry. They provide resources, networking events, and funding opportunities to help startups launch and grow their sports apps.

  • SportTechHub: SportTechHub is a community-driven platform that supports startups and innovators in the sports technology space. They offer resources, networking events, and mentorship programs to help entrepreneurs develop and launch sports apps.

  • SportsTech Tokyo: SportsTech Tokyo is an accelerator program that focuses on supporting startups in the sports technology sector. They provide mentorship, funding, and access to a network of sports industry professionals to help startups bring their sports apps to market.

Sports Accelerators:

Sports accelerators are programs designed to support early-stage startups in the sports industry by providing mentorship, resources, funding, and networking opportunities to help them grow and succeed. These accelerators typically have a specific focus on sports-related innovations, technologies, and businesses. Here are

some of the best sports accelerators:

  • Hype Sports Innovation: Hype Sports Innovation is a global sports innovation ecosystem that runs accelerator programs for startups in various areas of sports technology. They provide access to mentorship, industry experts, investors, and corporate partners to help startups scale their businesses.

  • The Sports Tech Tokyo Accelerator: The Sports Tech Tokyo Accelerator is a program focused on supporting startups in the sports technology sector. It offers mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to resources to help startups develop and launch innovative sports products and services.

  • Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) Accelerator: GSIC Accelerator is an initiative of the Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft. It provides support to startups developing innovative solutions for the sports industry, including access to mentors, investors, and corporate partners.

  • Sports Tech World Series Accelerator: The Sports Tech World Series Accelerator is a global program that supports startups in the sports technology space. It offers mentorship, investment opportunities, and access to a network of sports industry leaders to help startups grow and succeed.

  • Sports Tech Ireland Accelerator: Sports Tech Ireland Accelerator is a program aimed at supporting sports tech startups in Ireland. It provides mentorship, funding, and access to a network of sports industry professionals to help startups accelerate their growth.

  • LeAD Sports Accelerator: LeAD Sports Accelerator is an initiative of the Adi Dassler Family Office that supports early-stage startups in the sports industry. It offers mentorship, funding, and access to a network of sports industry experts to help startups scale their businesses.

  • NFL Players Association (NFLPA) Accelerator: The NFLPA Accelerator is a program that supports startups developing innovative products and services for athletes and sports fans. It provides mentorship, funding, and access to the NFLPA's resources and network to help startups succeed.

  • Collider Sports Accelerator: Collider Sports Accelerator is a program that supports startups at the intersection of sports, technology, and media. It offers mentorship, funding, and access to a network of sports industry leaders to help startups grow and scale their businesses.

What is NBA LaunchPad?

  • NBA Launchpad is an initiative by the NBA to source, evaluate, and pilot emerging technologies that advance the league's top basketball and business priorities.

  • The program aims to attract talented entrepreneurs and companies to innovate in areas such as the game, fan experience, and player well-being. Selected companies participate in a unique six-month R&D project within the NBA's ecosystem, receiving support from team and league experts for product development and go-to-market strategies. 

  • The program also provides opportunities for companies to present their R&D results during the NBA Summer League and potentially form broader strategic partnerships with the league. The initiative is open to companies from various priority areas, including advancing women's basketball, improving player availability and well-being, and enhancing the fan experience.

information about startups selected in NBA LaunchPad. 


  • Action Audio(Victoria, Australia): Innovating spatial audio experiences, Action Audio aids blind and low-vision audiences in following sports in real-time. Through co-design efforts, they've developed spatial audio broadcasts, enriching the fan experience during NBA games.

  • EDGE Sound Research(Riverside, California): Leveraging embodied sound technology, EDGE delivers immersive experiences to sports fans. Their installations in NBA and 2K arenas provide audible, haptic, and tactile sensations, enhancing the live game experience.

  • nVenue(Houston, Texas ): Offering a sports betting platform driven by machine learning and AI, nVenue creates engaging micro-betting opportunities for fans. Their basketball-specific micro-betting engine leverages NBA assets, providing unique in-game markets for fans to participate in real-time.

  • SkillCorner(Paris, France): Utilizing computer vision and machine learning, SkillCorner generates player-tracking data from existing video feeds. Their basketball product, validated against historical NBA footage, offers accurate player-tracking insights without additional hardware.

  • Springbok Analytics(Charlottesville, Virginia): Transforming MRI data into 3D digital models, Springbok Analytics optimizes athlete health and performance. Their analysis of lower extremity MRIs informs injury prevention models and return-to-play decisions.

  • Supersapiens( Atlanta, Georgia): Focusing on glucose data analysis, Supersapiens enhances athlete well-being and performance. By studying real-time glucose concentrations, they refine nutrition programming and lifestyle choices, aiding in performance optimization.

  • Tagboard(Redmond, Washington): Empowering production teams with audience engagement tools, Tagboard offers real-time data integration for broadcast overlays. Their platform enables seamless creation and launch of engaging content, enriching the viewing experience for fans.


  • Reboot Motion(Los Angeles, California): Specializing in wearable sensor technology and software platforms, Reboot Motion offers real-time tracking of athletes' movements. Their focus on biomechanical analysis, powered by AI and machine learning, aims to enhance player performance and prevent injuries.

  • Plantiga(Vancouver, Canada): With innovative insoles equipped with sensors, Plantiga tracks various movement metrics like pressure and balance. Their AI-driven analysis provides valuable insights into athlete performance and fitness, particularly focusing on in-shoe sensor technology.

  • Tonsser(Copenhagen, Denmark): Tonsser facilitates athlete-coach connections through a social networking platform. Widely embraced in European soccer, the app includes training tools and resources, serving as a social scouting and training hub for athletes and coaches.

  • TextQL(New York, New York): Transforming how fans engage with sports data, TextQL offers a platform for natural language queries. Through AI-powered intelligence, fans can ask questions and receive clear and concise answers, enhancing their understanding of complex sports statistics and insights.

  • Dimension Studio(London, United Kingdom): Enhancing fan engagement through immersive virtual experiences, Dimension Studio creates virtual worlds and characters. Their focus on 3D production aims to bring fans closer to the action, offering experiences like virtual arena tours and courtside views.

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