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Guide to Blockchain in Sports

Updated: Apr 24

Blockchain is a type of digital record-keeping system that isn't controlled by just one person or organization. It can keep track of all kinds of information, not only money-related transactions.

In the world of sports, blockchain technology could change things by making dealings more open and secure for everyone involved. This includes things like trading sports cards digitally, keeping reliable records of players' performances and game outcomes, and making financial transactions faster and more straightforward among athletes, sports teams, sponsors, and event organizers.

“The blockchain technology can be used for sports community building, betting, non fungible token, collectibles, and more.”

Blockchain technology is starting to change the sports industry. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are becoming a big part of sports technology. This technology allows details like player performance and match outcomes to be recorded on a blockchain, which means everyone can see and trust the information because it’s more open and accurate.

Using blockchain can also make payments and business dealings within sports faster and more straightforward. It helps speed up how money moves and makes it easier to keep track of earnings for everyone involved, from players to teams to sponsors.

Many new companies are using blockchain to create innovative products for sports. A popular example is NBA Topshots, where fans can collect and trade digital game highlights. Using blockchain, details like player stats and game results can be kept in a way everyone can trust because the records can't be changed once they're set. This helps ensure that all the data is correct and clear.

Blockchain also makes financial dealings faster and more straightforward. It can speed up how quickly payments are processed and help track money more efficiently, which is useful for everyone involved in sports events.

There are new companies that are creating exciting sports-related products using blockchain. One notable example is NBA Topshots, which allows fans to collect and trade digital highlights of basketball games.

NBA Topshots

NBA's TopShot product is a blockchain-based virtual trading card platform. It comes out of a partnership between the NBA, NBA Players Association, and Dapper Labs. The platform runs on the FLOW blockchain, developed by Dapper Labs as a “developer-friendly blockchain to power the next generation of games, apps and digital assets.”

NBA TopShot is a digital trading card system developed through a partnership among the NBA, the NBA Players Association, and a tech company called Dapper Labs. This platform operates on a special blockchain called FLOW, which Dapper Labs designed to be easy for developers to use and to support a variety of apps and digital projects.

Like traditional trading cards, NBA TopShot allows fans to collect and trade digital cards, but these cards feature dynamic NBA game highlights. Here's how it works: the NBA provides video clips to Dapper Labs, who then turn these clips into what they call "Moments." These Moments are essentially video highlights that are turned into digital tokens known as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Each Moment has a unique serial number that confirms its authenticity and shows how rare it is.

The Moments are key to the NBA TopShot experience. They allow fans to own, trade, and showcase their favorite NBA highlights in a digital format, bringing a new dimension to collecting sports memorabilia. This system not only connects fans more closely to their favorite moments in basketball history but also adds a layer of security and authenticity through blockchain technology.

NBA TopShots has already generated revenue of more than $1 billion.


SportsFirst has collaborated with ShotCaller to develop advanced fan engagement and fantasy sports platforms using FLOW Blockchain.

ShotCaller is a free-to-play social gaming platform where fans can predict sports outcomes and earn rewards from local businesses, such as free beer, burgers, or even digital assets, just by participating.

For local businesses and brands, our platform serves as a fun and effective marketing tool to connect and interact with customers.

For fans, our platform provides entertainment and a voice for those who are interested in sports gaming but feel left out by traditional betting services aimed at more avid bettors.

ShotCaller also offers unique digital collectibles, known as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which come with special rewards from our community partners. Our first NFT release focuses on supporting dynamic black-owned businesses in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. The proceeds from these sales will fund WEB3 technology education for local youth at the Smart North Tech Hub near George Floyd Square.

At SportsFirst, we're proud to create cutting-edge sports technology solutions for our clients and look forward to continuing to innovate in sports technology.

In this collaboration, SportsFirst and ShotCaller aim to transform how fans interact with sports, making the experience more engaging and rewarding while supporting community growth and educational initiatives.

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