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Looking to build a robust sports solution?


Streamline your baseball data access with the MLB API, delivering real-time scores, stats, and player information. Stay ahead in the game with comprehensive insights and analytics, tailored for your sports applications and websites.

Website URL:

Major Customers: 

1) sports analysts

2) fantasy sports platforms

3) sports betting companies

4) sports media outlets

5) sports app developers

Fees: Since there isn't an official MLB API, fees would depend on the third-party data provider or service being used. Some providers may offer free access to limited data, while others may charge subscription fees for more extensive access.

Features & Integrations: Various types of MLB information, including player and team stats, game calendars, real-time scores, player bios, and team lineups, could be accessible. This data might be incorporated into sports applications, websites, analytical tools, and fantasy sports services.

Advantages of using:

  • Access to official and up-to-date MLB data.

  • Reliable data source for sports-related applications and services.

  • Potential for monetization through sports betting, fantasy sports, or premium content services.

  • Ability to create customized applications and tools tailored to specific MLB data needs.

Additional Resources:
MLB Stats API Documentation:

MLB Data API on GitHub:

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