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Revolutionizing Sports Administration and Management Worldwide

SportsFirst has been a vital collaborator with SportLomo, working together to create bespoke solutions designed specifically for the sports industry. SportManager, one of our flagship projects, has positioned itself as a global leader in sports management technology. Today, the SportManager platform is a daily tool for hundreds of professional sports organizations across the Premier League, NBA, and NFL, enhancing operations through innovative features and a user-friendly experience.

Key Features of SportManager by SportLomo:

  1. Real-Time Scheduling for Teams and Leagues: SportManager revolutionizes planning and resource management by integrating real-time scheduling features. Teams, coaches, and players can schedule matches, allocate resources, and streamline coordination, leading to enhanced team performance and improved organizational efficiency.

  2. Match Analysis and Player Stats: The platform offers comprehensive match analysis capabilities, allowing users to delve deep into game stats. This feature enables teams to understand performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and design strategies for future games.

  3. Digital Team Management with Annotation, Voice Notes, and Drawings: SportManager's digital team management feature offers an intuitive interface for seamless navigation, note-taking, audio recording, and drawing tools. This comprehensive approach aids teams in staying organized, collaborating effectively, and implementing game plans accurately.

  4. Live Match Streaming with Instant Replay: SportManager's robust video player supports live streaming, ensuring users have real-time access to ongoing matches, instant replays, and performance analysis. Stay connected and updated, no matter where you are.

  5. Integration with Multiple Data Formats: SportManager is designed to accommodate a range of data formats, including SportsCode, Catapult, and Instat. This adaptability enables teams to flawlessly integrate SportManager into their existing workflows and data management systems.


  • Admin Dashboard

  • Responsive Web Applications

At SportsFirst, our commitment to innovation and excellence has driven us to develop cutting-edge sports technology solutions like GamePlan.

Looking to build a robust sports solution?

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