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A Game-Changing Sports Technology Solution for Pro Teams Worldwide

SportsFirst has been a trusted partner of Global Aptitude for over eight years, working closely to develop a wide range of solutions tailored to the sports industry. GamePlan, one of our flagship projects, has emerged as a global leader in sports technology and was acquired by StackSports in 2018. Today, the GamePlan app is a daily staple for hundreds of professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, and NHL, driving performance through innovative features and seamless user experience.

Key Features of GamePlan by Global Apptitude:

  1. Multi-Sensory Learning for Coaches and Players: GamePlan takes learning and performance enhancement to the next level by incorporating multi-sensory learning techniques. Coaches and players can effectively communicate strategies, analyze plays, and share insights, leading to improved performance and better decision-making on the field.

  2. Live Video Telestration: The app offers advanced live video telestration capabilities, allowing users to draw on video in real-time. This feature enables coaches and players to pinpoint areas of improvement, dissect plays, and gain a deeper understanding of their performance.

  3. Digital Playbooks with Note-taking, Audio, and Drawings: GamePlan's digital playbooks feature an intuitive interface for easy navigation, note-taking, audio recording, and drawing tools. This comprehensive approach helps teams stay organized, collaborate efficiently, and execute game strategies with precision.

  4. Dynamic Video Player with Live Streaming: The app's dynamic video player supports live streaming, ensuring that users have access to the latest game footage and analysis in real-time. Stay connected and informed, no matter where you are.

  5. Support for Multiple Data Formats: GamePlan is designed to be compatible with a variety of data formats, including SportsCode, Hudl, and Coach Logic. This flexibility allows teams to seamlessly integrate GamePlan into their existing workflow and data management systems.

In addition to GamePlan, SportsFirst has successfully built other sports technology solutions like CaptainU and Krossover. We have also developed GamePlan for macOS, Android apps, and other platforms.


  • iOS & Android Applications

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Responsive Web Applications

Core Technologies:

  • Video Processing

  • Telestration


At SportsFirst, our commitment to innovation and excellence has driven us to develop cutting-edge sports technology solutions like GamePlan.

Looking to build a robust sports solution?

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