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Looking to build a robust sports solution?

FanDuel API

Get access to real-time sports data and elevate your app or website with FanDuel API. Dive into live insights, create engaging experiences, and enhance user interaction effortlessly.

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Major Customers: FanDuel's major customers are fantasy sports enthusiasts who use the platform to participate in daily fantasy sports contests across various sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and more.

Fees: If there were a FanDuel API, fees might vary based on usage tier. There might be free tiers with limited access and paid tiers for more extensive access or premium features.

Features & Integrations: Features of a potential FanDuel API could include access to fantasy sports data such as player stats, team stats, game schedules, live scores, player profiles, and more. Integrations might involve incorporating FanDuel data into third-party fantasy sports apps, websites, analytics platforms, and tools for drafting, managing teams, and tracking performance.

Advantages of using:

Access to FanDuel's extensive fantasy sports data and platform capabilities.

Integration with FanDuel's user base and community of fantasy sports enthusiasts.

Potential for developing innovative fantasy sports apps, tools, and services leveraging FanDuel's data and platform.

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