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Looking to build a robust sports solution? is known for its real-time engagement platform, offering services like voice, video, and interactive broadcasting for various applications. It doesn't directly provide sports-related functionalities like sports data or subtitles for sports content. However, you can integrate its features into sports-related applications for live streaming, fan engagement, or virtual events.

Website URL:

Major Customers: serves a wide range of customers across various industries, including social media platforms, education technology companies, healthcare providers, gaming companies, e-commerce platforms, and more. Some major customers include Kuaishou, Hike, Dr. Reddy's, Xiaomi, and Philips.

Fees: offers a flexible pricing structure based on usage, with a free tier available for developers to get started. Pricing depends on factors such as the number of minutes streamed, the number of monthly active users, and additional features or support required.

Features & Integrations: provides a comprehensive set of features for building real-time engagement applications, including voice and video calls, live interactive streaming, real-time messaging, and virtual classrooms. The platform offers SDKs for various platforms, including iOS, Android, Web, and Windows. It also supports integrations with popular development frameworks and services such as React Native, Unity, Electron, and Firebase.

Advantages of using:

  • Scalability: offers a highly scalable infrastructure capable of supporting millions of concurrent users.

  • Reliability: The platform is built for low latency and high-quality real-time communication, ensuring a smooth user experience.

  • Flexibility: provides customizable SDKs and APIs, allowing developers to tailor their applications to specific use cases and requirements.

  • Global Reach: With data centers located worldwide, enables developers to deliver real-time engagement experiences to users globally.

  • Security: offers robust security features, including end-to-end encryption, data protection, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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