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SFCoach aims to provide Video based digital coaching solutions for sports academies, teams, and leagues. It is a collection of tools that can empower organizations to coach masses through video based technology. The overall vision of SFCoach is to enhance the capabilities of sports organizations by leveraging technology.


SFCoach provides a feature-rich platform for storing and organizing sports-related videos. You can upload practice, coaching, and game videos and add relevant tags to aid in searching and indexing. This makes it easy to locate and access specific video content within the platform.


SFCoach allows you to control who has access to your video content and ensures that only authorized users are able to view protected videos. You can easily share your videos with a wider audience or with specific individuals as needed.


SFCoach enables coaches and athletes to communicate and collaborate on specific aspects of the videos. This feature allows you to discuss and analyze specific moments or elements within the video content, providing a more in-depth and interactive experience. This can be particularly useful for coaching and training purposes, as it allows you to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted feedback.


SFCoach allows you to enhance your videos by adding audio and drawing annotations, as well as text for relevant content. This allows you to provide additional context to the sports videos, making it more useful and informative for athletes & viewers.


SFCoach provides you with the ability to analyze athlete analytics and interaction with the videos. This can be useful for optimizing training and coaching strategies, as well as understanding the effectiveness of your video content.


Under development. Will be launched in Q2 2023

Want to see a Demo?

Are you looking to see SFCoach in action? We offer personalized demos to give you a closer look at how SFCoach can benefit you.

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