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The Premier Platform for Connecting Sports Jobs and Talent

As a trusted partner, SportsFirst has closely collaborated with Sportidealisten, Sweden's number one sports job platform, to facilitate the connection between job seekers and employers in the sports industry. Through our synergistic collaboration, Sportidealisten has grown exponentially, serving numerous sports organizations and professionals worldwide.

Key Features of Sportidealisten

  1. Comprehensive Job Listings: Sportidealisten provides a broad range of job listings across various sports fields, enabling job seekers to find the best opportunities aligned with their career goals. Smart

  2. Job Matching: Utilizing intelligent algorithms, Sportidealisten matches job seekers with potential employers based on their skills, experience, and preferences, thereby ensuring a smooth hiring process.

  3. Interactive User Experience: Sportidealisten's platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Job seekers can easily navigate through different job listings, apply for jobs, and track their application status.

  4. Valuable Industry Insights: Sportidealisten also offers resources like industry insights and career advice, equipping job seekers with the knowledge they need to thrive in the sports industry.

  5. Employer Services: Beyond just job listings, Sportidealisten also caters to employers in the sports industry, providing them a dedicated platform to post job vacancies, access a vast talent pool, and hire the right candidate with efficiency.


  • Web-based Job Platform

  • Employer Dashboard

  • Job Seeker Profile

Core Technologies:

  • Job Matching Algorithms

  • Data Analytics

  • Web Development

At SportsFirst, our commitment to innovation and driving excellence has helped us to develop groundbreaking sports job platforms like Sportidealisten, contributing significantly to the global sports industry.

Looking to build a robust sports solution?

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