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How to Develop Fantasy Sports Apps Like DraftKings?


An overview of the fantasy sports industry

  • The fantasy sports industry is a dynamic and rapidly growing sector that revolves around virtual sports competitions based on real-life player performances. Participants, often referred to as managers or owners, assemble imaginary teams composed of professional athletes from various sports leagues such as football (soccer), American football, basketball, baseball, cricket, and more.

  • Advancements in technology have significantly improved the fantasy sports experience, particularly through mobile applications that facilitate effortless participation in leagues and provide real-time scoring updates to maintain user engagement. Social interaction is also integral, as individuals join leagues with friends, interact on message boards, and share their experiences on social media platforms. Various monetization approaches are utilized, including entry fees for contests, premium subscriptions offering unique features, and collaborations with sports leagues and brands for advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

What is a  DraftKings app?

  • The DraftKings app is a prominent fantasy sports platform, that offers users the chance to participate in various fantasy sports contests and competitions. Renowned within the fantasy sports sector, DraftKings caters to users by presenting a vast selection of sports leagues, enabling them to construct virtual teams and vie for success based on the actual statistical performances of professional athletes.

  • Comprising two primary segments, the DraftKings app encompasses DraftKings Fantasy Sports and DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino.

Key Features of DraftKings App:

  • Sports Variety: DraftKings offers fantasy contests for many different sports like football, basketball, baseball, and more. This lets users join leagues based on what sports they like.

  • Contest Formats: There are different types of contests, including ones that last for a whole season and others that are just for a day or week. People like the daily contests because they can make new teams for each day's games.

  • Drafting and Team Management: Users can pick players from real sports teams to make their fantasy teams. They have to stay within a certain budget when picking players. They can also change their teams during the season and trade players with other users.

  • Real-Time Scoring: DraftKings shows users how their teams are doing as games happen. This makes the fantasy sports experience more exciting because users can see how their players are doing in real time.

  • Social Features: The app lets users join leagues with friends or other people. They can talk to each other using chat, message boards, or social media. This helps create a sense of community and competition among users.

  • Promotions and Rewards: DraftKings often gives out bonuses and rewards to users. This can be for signing up, referring friends, or just for playing regularly. These rewards keep users engaged and coming back to the app.

  • Legal Compliance: DraftKings makes sure to follow all the rules and laws about online gaming and gambling. They get the right licenses and make sure to protect users to ensure that everyone has a fair and safe experience.

DraftKings Fantasy Sports:

  • Daily & Weekly Contests: Participate in various contests held throughout the day and week, each with its own entry fees and prize pools. These contests cater to different preferences and schedules, allowing users to join at their convenience.

  • Sports Variety: Manage fantasy teams across a diverse selection of sports, including popular options like football, basketball, and baseball, as well as niche sports to cater to a wide range of user interests.

  • Multiple Contest Formats: Customize your fantasy sports experience by choosing from various contest formats, such as salary cap drafts, head-to-head matchups, and contests with guaranteed prize pools, offering flexibility and excitement for participants.

  • Player Auction Feature: Utilize an auction-style platform to acquire players for your fantasy team through buying, selling, bidding, and winning players. This feature allows users to strategically build their ideal fantasy lineup.

  • Challenge Friends: Engage in friendly competition by creating private leagues or joining existing ones to challenge friends in head-to-head matchups. This enhances the social aspect of fantasy sports, fostering interaction and camaraderie among participants.

DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino:

  • Betting Options: Access a wide range of betting options for various sports events, including traditional wagers like moneyline and point spreads, as well as specialized bets like prop bets, catering to different betting preferences and strategies.

  • Live Betting: Immerse yourself in the excitement of live betting by placing wagers on ongoing games, allowing users to react to game developments in real time for an enhanced sports viewing experience.

  • Odds Boosts: Take advantage of occasional promotions where DraftKings enhances the odds on specific bets for a limited time, providing opportunities for users to increase their winnings potentially.

  • Cash Out: Opt for the cash-out feature to secure a guaranteed return on your bet, even before the conclusion of the game or event, providing users with flexibility and risk management options.

  • Casino Games: (Available in select states only) Enjoy popular casino games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette directly within the app, offering entertainment options beyond sports betting to a broader audience of users.

Top Apps Like DraftKings App:

App Name


Key Features

FanDuel App

Wager on your favorite sports and play casino games legally (in available states) with the FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino app.

Extensive betting options, user-friendly interface, live streaming & in-play betting, secure deposits & withdrawals, generous promotions & bonuses.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN’s official fantasy sports app with a variety of sports and leagues.

Customizable leagues, live scoring, expert analysis, mock drafts.

Yahoo Sports

Provides real-time scores, news, and updates for various sports, including fantasy sports integration.

Real-time scores, news articles, player updates, team management.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Offers both season-long and daily fantasy sports options with a user-friendly interface.

Season-long leagues, daily fantasy contests, player news and analysis, and social features.

CBS Sports Fantasy

Offers fantasy sports for football, baseball, basketball, and more, with customizable league options.

Customizable leagues, live scoring, player news, draft kits.


Focuses on daily fantasy sports contests with a unique drafting system.

Quick drafts, head-to-head matchups, daily fantasy contests, live scoring.


A daily fantasy sports platform with a unique multiplier mode for selecting players.

Multiplier mode, daily fantasy contests, live scoring, and player news.


Allows users to predict player performances and win cash prizes based on their selections.

Player performance predictions, cash prizes, and multiple sports options.

Monkey Knife Fight

Combines apps like FanDuel and prop betting for various sports, providing a unique gaming experience.

Prop betting, fantasy sports, cash prizes, multiple sports options.


How to Develop Fantasy Sports Apps Like DraftKings?

  • Planning and Market Research: To acquire knowledge about the fantasy sports market, comprehend target audiences, evaluate rivals, and spot new trends, conduct in-depth market research. Determine what makes your app distinctive and differentiate it from competitors such as DraftKings by highlighting its benefits. Create a thorough business plan that outlines the goals of the app, its monetization strategy, its budget, and its development and launch schedule.

  • Selecting the Appropriate Leagues and Sports: Choose the leagues and sports your fantasy sports app will cover, keeping in mind popular options like baseball, hockey, football, basketball, and soccer. Determine which sports and leagues are most popular with your target market so that you can integrate them into the app first.

  • Compliance with the Law and Licensing: Assure adherence to gaming laws by securing the licenses and authorizations required to run the fantasy sports app lawfully. To reduce the possibility of legal problems, familiarize yourself with the particular legal requirements for fantasy sports in your target markets.

  • Platform Selection: Decide whether to develop a native mobile app, a web-based app, or a hybrid approach based on factors like development expertise, user preferences, and market penetration. Select appropriate technologies and platforms considering factors such as development resources, scalability, and user accessibility.

  • Development of Key Features: Protect user accounts and data by implementing safe user registration and authentication procedures. Give customers the ability to manage, participate in, and start fantasy competitions for a variety of sports and leagues. Create a mechanism for player drafting that enables users to assemble fantasy teams within predetermined spending limits. Player statistics and real-time scoring updates from dependable data sources should be integrated. Use safe gateways for payments to enable in-app purchases, prize disbursements, and entry fees.

  • Improvement of Additional Features: Allow users to effortlessly post content on various social media platforms, including their successes, fantasy teams, and contest results. Use push notifications to notify users of contest updates, scoring adjustments, and noteworthy occasions. To help people make educated judgments, and make player news, injury updates, professional analysis, and insights available. To provide a consistent user experience across a range of devices and operating systems, make sure multiplatform support is in place.

  • Testing and QA (quality control): Follow thorough testing protocols to find and fix defects, usability problems, and performance bottlenecks. To get input from beta testers and improve features based on user insights, conduct user acceptability testing (UAT).

  • Promotion and Launch: Arrange the app's release so that it builds anticipation and draws users. To efficiently reach your target audience, make use of digital marketing channels including influencer partnerships, email marketing, social media, and app store optimization (ASO). To promote user acquisition and retention, think about providing promotional incentives like free contest entry, sign-up bonuses, and referral awards.

  • Method of Monetization: Examine several ways to make money, such as through sponsorships, advertising, premium features, membership plans, and entry fees. To maximize revenue creation, optimize the monetization approach based on market dynamics, competition analysis, and user feedback.

  • Updates and Constant Improvement: To prioritize feature updates and find areas for improvement, gather user input, and examine analytics data. Maintain user engagement and make sure the app stays competitive in the fantasy sports industry by releasing updates and adding new features regularly.

Must-Have Features for Fantasy Sports Apps like DraftKings and others

It is imperative to understand the essential elements before diving into the world of creating fantasy sports apps like DraftKings and others. These are some essential characteristics.

User Panel Features:



User Registration and Login

the easy process of making an account and signing in to use the features of the app.

Player Selection and Team Creation

Manage their rosters, and assemble their fantasy teams from athletes from different sports leagues.

Real-time Scoring and Updates

Provide live scoring updates depending on the performance of selected players in real-life games.

Player Data and Statistics

To help users make informed judgments when assembling their fantasy teams, provide extensive player profiles that include statistics, historical performance, injuries, and other pertinent data.

Interactive Leaderboards and Rankings

Display user standings and rankings in leagues or competitions to encourage users to go up the ranks and create a competitive atmosphere.

Expert Analysis and Insights

To assist users in making wise decisions, provide professional analysis, insights, and forecasts on player performance and trends.

Social Interaction and Community

Encourage user involvement by providing tools like as live chat, forums, and social media integration to help users connect with other sports fans and build a feeling of community.

Gamification Elements

Virtual incentives like badges, achievements, awards, and daily chores can be incorporated to increase user motivation and engagement.

Multi-Sport Support

Support a large variety of sports leagues, enabling users to take part in fantasy contests for a variety of sports, including baseball, basketball, football, and more.

Payment and Prize Distribution

Establish a smooth and safe payment mechanism for paid competitions or leagues, and make sure that winners receive their prizes on time.

Admin Panel Features:



User and Account Management

Control user accounts, including setup for login, registration, and other account-related features.

Player and Team Management

The application provides the ability to manage teams, add new players, and edit current player information.

Contest and League Creation

Establish and oversee competitions and leagues, determine entrance costs, award systems, and other pertinent details.

Content Management

possess authority over the substance of the app, including the capacity to release news, articles, updates, and professional analysis for users to peruse.

User Support and Assistance

Handling support tickets, answering questions from users, and offering prompt help.

Analytics and Reporting

Tools for tracking money transactions, contest participation, user activity, and other pertinent indicators, including extensive analytics and reporting.

Payment and Transaction Management

Manage prize payouts, conduct transactions, and handle user payments.

Anti-Fraud and Security Measures

To safeguard user data, stop unwanted access, and guarantee fair play within the app, put strong security and anti-fraud measures in place.

System Configuration and Maintenance

Manage server resources, create and maintain backups of the application, and take care of other system-related duties.

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